Titanic reflection project!

What topic did you research in Genius Hour? 5035367376_e6412b810b_m

In Genius Hour I researched  about  the Titanic. I especially concentrated on what was inside the Titanic as well. I also researched how it was like to be a passenger and crew on the Titanic. Finally I focused on what happened on the night of the sinking.

Why did you choose it?  Titanic Image

I chose this topic for numerous of reasons the first one is that I have always had an interest in the Titanic and had researched about it before however I felt like my research was not good enough and I really wanted to know a lot more. Second of all this is very cheesy but I loved the movie Titanic and as well as my favorite book that I have read and reread since 4th grade is called Dear America A voyage on the great Titanic. 3rd of all was that I loved History and so I found something that had to do with the past. Finally I like  learning about events that ended badly because I feel like these events all have a lesson to learn.

What did you learn?

During Genius hour I learned so much including what date the Titanic sank, why and how. I also learned random facts such as there was only 20 lifeboats on the Titanic . However what I learned that surprised me the most was that 1503 people died and before that I had thought that 200 people died. What I thought the most interesting thing to learn about was  how it felt like to be on the Titanic  for a first, second, and third class passenger because I got to see  documentaries.  What I learned the most about that was the mistakes done by the people who made and the people who were on board the Titanic.

How did that help you grow as a person?

This experience helped me grow as a person because I got to put myself in people’s shoes. Especially those who lost someone or who died that day. By doing that I was able to grow my empathy. It also helped me grow as a person because before presenting in front of the class I practice my presentation skills and for that I had to  persevere in doing so and that was hard because I tend to distract myself very quickly. This project also helped me grow as a person because I was able to impact the community around me because I thought them something so that they can pass it on and on.

How did what you learn help (the world, community, yourself, animals, etc.) in some way? Explain.  What I learned helped the community because I taught them an important message by learning them about the Titanic. That message is that sometimes when we are to sure about something it sometimes lead to problems. In this case the people were persuaded the Titanic was unsinkable and so they did not put enough lifeboats and that led to the loss of more then one thousand people. By teaching them about the Titanic this will make them less likely to make the same mistake.

How will what you learn in the next Genius Hour help the world, community, yourself, animals, etc. in some way? Explain.  

In my next genius hour I want to learn more about Post Traumatic stress disorder because I want to spread my learning and I feel like it will help people around  me because rarely people talk about it resulting for people who suffer from this to even suffer more. Finally it will help people around me to know how people that suffer from this feel and to possibly help them in some way.



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