November 2016 archive

My dream…

My dream for later on is have an impact on the world positively. I don’t  know how yet but what I do know is that I want to do this throughout my job. Their are simple steps that the school has and will help me with into achieving my goal:

  1. They provide service learning activities.
  2. They teach me and have taught me  how to be open minded.
  3. They teach us how to put  ourselves  in somebody else’s shoes.
  4. Our school has multi- nationalities so we are open to the world.
  5. Our classes help us direct us for our future
  6. We are taught different principals we call it core values.
  7. Excellent is key in our school however we are taught that mistakes and learning learning our mistakes are the key to success.
  8. Our school also provides us with after school activities such as volleyball,movie making and other things like that.
  9. Our school values all subjects where not one subject is more important then the other.
  10.  Finally they prepare us for the best for our future.





Commenting on peoples blog!

For week 6 I decided to comment on Alisha, Karah and Aya.

Alisha’s blog was a debate about junk food. It was really informative and the title told you  exactly what the blog post was about. I also really liked it because it made me wonder how much I ate junk food per week and rather I think it was okay to eat some.

Karah’s blog post was about her home country and how she was proud of it. I absolutely loved the video she made because it made me want to go to the Philippines. I also loved her title which drew me in to her reading. Overall it was so nice!

Finally I commented on Thanumi’s blog.She talked about Sri Lanka. It was super well done as she talked with such adoration of this country. I also congratulate her as she wrote perfectly with no spelling errors! It was so nice to read about Sri Lanka.


The bird flew in the wind.

Hello World,

This is someone who lived most of her life differently then most people who are reading this. Here is her story:

Ella loved to look at herself in the mirror and she loved to make funny faces. Ella loved to read in her bed especially when read diary of the wimpy kid. Above all she loved to look up at the sky and wonder how it was like to be a bird and fly. What she did not like was the smell of the city or the medicine that the doctors gave to her. Ella was very pale and had barley no hair anymore but she still sang everyday with all her heart. She still laughed when people made jokes and she still dreamed of the things she would do. She was the smallest kid in her class yet she had the biggest and most beautiful soul.

One day she fell of the swing her favorite swing. At school they quickly contacted the hospital as she lost consciousness. While going to the hospital all she could dream off was going high in the air with the swing and back down and high again. She felt nothing but pure happiness as she was going high very high. When they finally got her to the Hospital and after a lot of stress the doctors got her to wake up. When she woke up she smiled at her mom standing over her and at her brother. She smiled to the doctors who looked like they had not slept for the last 24 hours. She said one thing before going back to sleep. “Thank You.”

Then the dream came back. This time she was not on a swing but on a bird and together they were flying. Up in the sky she went further and further. The farther she went the more she felt like she was the one flying and not the bird. She then looked down and saw that she had transformed into a bird. A beautiful one the type she always had wanted to be. She looked down one last time to see her family to say bye and before she knew it she had arrived somewhere in the clouds where there was light everywhere.


Note: This is an fictional character and here is the swing I had imagined while writing the story. Here are some stories that have a similar topic that are filled with sadness and beauty.